Life Coaching and Powerful Questions – Helping Create the Life You Want

Life Coaching and Powerful Questions – Helping Create the Life You Want

The Challenge I Encounter the Most in Life Coaching

Often, in conversations with people or when I first begin to engage in a life coaching relationship with a client, I find that most people know what they want in life either generally or specifically. Most people even have at least a rough idea of what their dreams are. So I ask, why then, aren’t most people achieving what they want on a consistent basis or even living their dreams now? Why is it that for so many people you and I will meet in life, their dreams will always be just that – dreams Tony Robbins Seminar?

The Effective Use of Language and Questions

We all know how to ask questions. We all ask other people or ourselves questions very often. But do most people realize the impact of their questions? I hallucinate the answer is “no”. The impact our questions have, creates the results that follow. When asked a question, our brain can’t help but begin searching for an answer whether we are consciously aware of its search or not. For example, there is a huge difference between asking someone “Why are you not living your dreams now?” and “What is stopping you from living your dreams now?” They sound like the same thing to most people, but our brain processes those two questions in two completely different ways. Go out and try asking people that and notice the quality of answers you get. I am willing to bet that by asking the first form of question you will tend to get more stories and “drama” about why that person can’t have what they want now. The latter question will tend to very often create a better quality answer which will most often make people stop and really question themselves and the stories they have been holding onto for a long time.